Abbie Walsh

Group Director, Europe and Latin America

Abbie Walsh

Living in London’s creative quarter Hackney, Abbie Walsh gets her inspiration from the art, design, and architecture around her. With 14 years of experience in service design, Abbie strives to capture and translate the authentic experience of time spent in “real life” into her work at Fjord.

After leading Fjord London for four years, Abbie now guides our studios across EALA with the task of establishing our emerging capabilities across the region. Abbie is a design evangelist with a vision to inject creativity into the heart of business – beginning with the teams at Fjord and extending that to the clients we collaborate with. Over the past two years, Abbie has been the driving force behind Fjord’s innovative capability, Living Business, which involves using design to accelerate fundamental changes to both the culture and processes within a business.

She is a frontrunner for women in digital design and makes frequent appearances in the media, from BBC Breakfast and Stylist magazine, to design publications such as Digital Arts and Design Week, sharing insights on technology, trends, fashion, wearables, and how we can – and must – use design for good.

Abbie believes in bringing enthusiasm and creativity to all aspects of life, whether at work or in her personal life. She embraces fitness as a way to ensure her energy levels are high enough to keep up with her two young sons and finds time for shared photography and art projects with her partner, Lee.

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