New York

Abram Sirignano

Group Director, New York

Abram Sirignano

Abram is an idea person for brands. Since 1999, he’s been drawing on insights from design, business strategy, sociology and theater to transform how companies interact with humans. Personally and professionally, Abram is a lifelong hunter for the reasons why people think, feel and act the way they do. By finding the personal, financial and cultural motivations that drive us, one uncovers truths that can connect business strategy to products, services and experiences both needed and more importantly, desired.

As Group Director for Fjord’s New York City studio, Abram is lead provocateur for a design revolution happening one client at a time. Our merry band of rogues represents intuition and reason in equal measure, bringing the power of design to improve life within multiple contexts. We launch new brands, remodel services and concept future products with equal aplomb.

Prior to Fjord, Abram spent two years building and leading Acquity Group’s NYC design studio; in the past he founded a start-up, worked in industry and led integrated teams within agencies, all focused on digital, design and customer experience. Abram’s alter ego, Dad, is busy with two “young intrepids,”who teach him something new and wonderful every day. His favorite superhero is his wife.

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