Bart Ingram

Group Director, Atlanta

Bart Ingram

As the creative lead driving the growth of the Atlanta studio, Bart is responsible for both the creative output and for the business in Atlanta. He also works closely with the New York team to guide and inspire teams to deliver ground-breaking work for clients for clients across the Northeast. With over 20 years of experience in the creative industry, he is still an active member of the design team and enjoys being hands ­on with projects and accounts.

He strives to ensure that we always deliver best ­in ­class, innovative work that generates results for clients, and working with clients over time to help realize their goals. He brings a creative energy alongside business savvy to leading the studio that guides and inspires his team to elevate their work and create meaningful, lasting results. Prior to joining Fjord in Atlanta, Bart was the executive creative director for Acquity Group in Chicago.

He has helped build studios for leading digital agencies, and as the Executive Creative Director at Razorfish, he previously grew their Atlanta presence from a handful of people to a robust team. He has helped to drive digital solutions for global clients including AT&T, GM, Toyota, Whirlpool, Purina, McDonalds, Samsung, Disney, and Capital One. Bart’s deep digital experience, combined with brand and identity expertise, give him a well rounded approach to creating digital experiences and a well­ honed ability to lead and inspire cross­ discipline teams. After living in Chicago for 20 years, Bart has officially retired from cold winters and returned to his southern roots. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hiking and mountain biking, and is happy to be back in the city of Atlanta.

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