Celia Romaniuk

Fjord Europe co-lead

Celia Romaniuk

Celia has 20 years of design experience to her name — specializing in design leadership and culture, interaction design and user experience, service strategy and experience design — and has been at Fjord since its early days, playing an integral role in the growth of the company in a variety of positions, including Service Design Director at the Helsinki studio, Group Design Director and, most recently, Group Director in London. However, Fjord hasn’t been the only company to benefit from her talents in recent years. She has also worked as an information architect at the BBC; as a product design lead at Skype, leading work across web, mobile and desktop platforms; and as part of the team at Dopplr, one of the most influential Web 2.0 startups.

Now, in her current role of Managing Director, Nordics, Celia is responsible for the overall direction of the region, as well as forging new collaborations, maintaining an open and creative culture, and pushing the boundaries of service design. Celia is constantly focused on setting her teams up for success, whether by delivering client work that breaks new ground or by empowering designers to develop new practices and thinking. Using a calm and pragmatic approach, she takes care to bring clarity and structure to the work at hand, and her insistence on prioritizing quality of experience over novelty ensures that the work of her and her team will have value today and for years to come.

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