Christoph Loeffler

Managing Director, ASGR

Christoph Loeffler

Christoph is an inquisitive business designer and change evangelist.

As Group Director for Fjord in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, Christoph firmly believes we are living in one of the most exciting, transformative but also demanding periods in modern history and we have an incredible privilege to be active architects of change.

Idealist, perhaps. Realist, absolutely. He firmly believes the whole is more than the sum of its parts, so a true “Gestalter.”

With an academic background in analytics, Christoph began his professional career in the USA. Whilst living and working for many years in NYC, he became increasingly involved in making creative use of the vast amounts of data in the digital world. It was during this period that Christoph discovered the power of design in creating meaningful innovation.

Before converting entirely to the service design world, Christoph’s career took a welcome detour to Shanghai with the challenge from Accenture Interactive to build up a new generation of digital agency for the Greater China region. Christoph’s seven years in Shanghai were a period of extraordinarily enriching, intellectually exciting and personally rewarding experiences.

When Accenture Interactive acquired Fjord globally in 2013, Christoph then took on the role to lead Fjord’s integration across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In May 2015, he formally assumed the role of Group Director for the region and is now based in Berlin.

Christoph grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and a part of his heart still resides there in a hammock between two coconut trees on Choroni beach. At his new home in Berlin, his wife and young daughter as well as the Fjord Berlin team keep him on his toes.


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