Christopher Böhnke

Group Director, Berlin

Christopher Böhnke


As Group Director of the Berlin Studio, Chris Böhnke is thrilled to work towards a future characterized by impact and ownership with his talented design team. From his post in an inspiring city — one with incredible history, a daring spirit and a market full of new ideas, startups and investors — he aims to help large corporations to find their purpose again while harnessing Fjord’s unique talents to move human needs from hope of innovation towards impact open to all.

Chris brings eight years of experience in strategy consulting and business design to Fjord, having acquired the latter while spending four years building out the Business Design teams in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. He has been very active in helping to shape the importance practice of Business Design to become a real job of the future, and therefore  is teaching the subject at a range of universities.

Due to his education and background, Chris has a strong passion for many types of interaction: human-to-human, human-to-politics, human-to company, company-to-company, human-to-finance  and human-to-computer. He is particularly interested in redefining corporate core capabilities based on a new purpose, and he strongly believes that the ‘Era of Purpose’ will soon overshadow the misleading impetus for ‘digitalization’. On this topic and others, Chris is a frequent speakers at conferences.

Having lived in England, Mexico and Germany, Chris also has a passion for intercultural communication, leadership and its implications on connotation of culture in design. He feels blessed to have 28 nationalities in the studio.

If you want to argue with Chris over one gin & tonic, just ask him if he believes that innovation consulting is enough, and he’ll be happy to tell you all about open impact. If it gets to two gin & tonics or more, he’ll probably rather argue about Borussia Dortmund, the San Fran 49ers or why Dave Grohl is like his Dad.

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