Fabio Sergio

Fjord Europe co-lead

Fabio Sergio

As Regional Design Director, Fabio helps Fjord push the boundaries of what design can do for business and society, with a special focus on expanding Fjord’s work and relevance in the health and wellness sector.

Fabio comes to Fjord with 20 years of experience across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors. Throughout his career, he has worked with global leaders such as Whirlpool, Vodafone, GE, HP, LGE, Swisscom, J&J, BBC, Novartis, Merck, Unicef, GSMA and WEF, exploring areas where emerging technologies can create new opportunities to advance human aspirations and business scenarios can be wrapped around people’s dreams and desires.

Prior to joining Fjord, Fabio was Vice President of design at frog, where he helped shape the firm’s Experience Strategy offering, and was the global head of its Social Impact practice.

Fabio is constantly looking for opportunities to challenge what is possible when facing complex, ambiguous challenges, and it’s not just Fjord that benefits from his curiosity, passion and expertise. Along with his studio work, he serves as a design educator and mentor to graduate and post-graduate students of the Politecnico di Milano, Domus Academy and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, and is a frequent speaker at worldwide design and innovation events as well.

Outside of technology and design, Fabio’s passions include architecture, science fiction and graphic novels. He will also easily confess a longstanding addiction to LEGO, which in the last 10 years he’s succeed in convincing his wife it’s only for the benefit of their two little hurricanes.

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