Hartmut Heinrich

Group Director, Zurich

Hartmut Heinrich

At Fjord Zurich, Hartmut plays the part of both studio lead and business design director, working at the intersection of business, design and technology to help clients develop memorable and delightful user experiences through innovative products and services designed to change people’s lives for the better.

A designated expert on digital innovation and experience design with a proven track record of more than 18 years in ethnographic research, innovation and growth strategies, Hartmut has led innovation and growth strategies and service-design activities for customers worldwide. Before joining Fjord, Hartmut was a founding partner of an innovation and technology firm with over 100 people in Los Angeles and Hamburg. Now, in his current role, he works closely with companies to help them achieve ambitious goals as they work towards the next wave of digital innovation.

Hartmut is passionate about business models that are built around the idea of Living Services.

He strongly believes that a high fun factor contributes to much higher output, and works actively to encourage agile and collaborative ways of working while building and maintaining creative environments. He feels inspired taking design into new places and working to solve bigger problems – even to redefine entire organizations around people – and believes we’re living in an exciting time when we have the opportunity to make people’s lives a bit better every day.

Hartmut lives with his family in Zurich and loves working in the highly innovation-minded country of Switzerland. Outside of the studio, he is a photographer and spends time enjoying the Swiss mountains where he freshens his mind with freeride skiing.

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