Héctor Ibarra

Group Director, Madrid

Héctor Ibarra

Héctor is the Group Director at Fjord Madrid, a job he combines with being Regional Group Director reporting for Fjord Madrid and Fjord Milan. His career has been an interesting journey featuring stints within numerous design industry sectors that include photography, web design, product management, art direction, interaction and service design. His entry into the professional world came via early studies in business administration, design and fine arts, all in search of what was, at the time, a non-existent discipline and one that he has always deeply passionate about: the discipline in which he is currently working at Fjord.

 Héctor is responsible for developing and growing client relationships and ensuring that projects reach their full potential. With over 20 years’ experience in this industry, he believes in design as a profession and not simply as a means of artistic expression — one in which user-centric design is a fundamental approach to transforming organizations and to guiding them to commercial success. He is also a firm believer in the power of rationality as a fundamental component of good design.

 For Héctor, Fjord Madrid is a family comprising around 50 creative designers from all around the world with one thing in common: a curiosity for detail and design. His mission is to maintain the inspirational ambience of the studio by instilling and developing a philosophy and way of working whereby design and designers are the foundation of the studio.

 When he isn’t wearing the weighty hat of Group Director, Héctor also plays the role of dad of two, husband, sports aficionado, basketball player and, of course, designer.

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