Jonas Höglund

Fjord Evolution EALA Lead

Jonas Höglund

Jonas heads up the EALA sector of Fjord Evolution, an ongoing initiative to grow talent and advance innovative knowledge-sharing practices across the company, and has a global responsibility for leadership and team development across all Fjord studios.

Jonas has a diverse digital background, and throughout his career has served in a variety of roles, with experience as a creative lead, technical director, designer, programmer and information architect. A solution-oriented leader, HE  is particularly gifted in solving complex challenges and managing change through workshop facilitation, and in his 30 years of experience, he has collaborated with the likes of IKEA, Ericsson and Discovery Networks, as well as founded multiple companies.

Jonas has been with Fjord since 2012, and in that time has succeeded in expanding the Stockholm studio from a scrappy group of three to a vibrant team of 48 unique and brilliant designers. A passionate believer in “outside-in-thinking” and the importance of focusing on the user first, he’s played an instrumental role in Fjord’s ongoing effort to design transformative products and services that people love.

When he’s not focused on user-centered design, Jonas is focused on staying centered through Ashtanga Yoga and, of course, spending time with his lovely family.

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