Jussi Edlund

Regional Design Director, Asia

Jussi Edlund

Jussi is the co-founder of Fjord Singapore, and as the regional design director he heads up Fjord’s design teams in Asia. Responsible for driving creative excellence, Jussi leads multi-disciplinary teams to tackle complex problems across industries and throughout the region.

With a background in visual design, Jussi has accumulated more than 15 years’ experience in product and service design, communication, branding, transformation and digital strategy.  He uses his experience to guide teams and clients through every phase of design-led projects, from insights-gathering through conceptualization, all the way to delivery of future service and product experiences that people will love.

Originally from Stockholm, Jussi escaped the Swedish chill in 2007 and has spent the past 13 years between Singapore and Shanghai, China. Outside of work, Jussi spends his time dodging Singapore drivers on his road bike, tinkering with micro-controllers, and impatiently waiting for his baby daughter to start smiling at him.

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