Katrine Rau

Group Director, Copenhagen

Katrine Rau

As Group Director for Fjord Copenhagen, Katrine is passionate about positively changing and influencing transformation from within client organizations. Her work is evidence that taking a user-centric approach towards product and service creation can transform organizations and contribute to commercial success.

Katrine is a seasoned expert in design. She has driven strategic design initiatives at Fortune 500 companies and most recently at GE where she lead strategic cross-department programs to drive a better user experience for customers. Katrine lived in major cities in the United States for four years, working as a design researcher at InReality where she, amongst others, worked with internationally recognized companies such as LP and The Coca-Cola Company. While living in the US, Katrine also provided guest lectures at the California College of Arts where she ran Experience Mapping workshops with MBA and MFA students.

She has strong ties with the Service Design Network globally, having held the role of National Chapter Board Principle supporting new SDN chapters initiate around the world. She is also one of the founders of the Service Design Network chapter in Denmark.

As a firm believer in strong process facilitation skills, Katrine believes that strategic design methods are a fundamental component of effective transformation. For Katrine, facilitation is the most effective method towards corporate alignment and efficient collaboration.

Katrine is a contributor and advisor in the international design community. She is a peer reviewer for the IxDA awards, an organizer of the Global Service Design Jam both in the US and in Denmark, and an author of design publications, including a feature chapter An Introduction to Industrial Service Design (published by Routledge, 2016).

Outside of the studio, Katrine is an avid supporter of healthy and sustainable food production, and she is constantly seeking out local vendors to acquire farm-fresh foods for most of her meals.


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