Matt Rosenblatt

National Business Development Director

Matt Rosenblatt

As a long time writer and Creative Director in the agency space, Matt has made brands “personal” through creative realization, in all industries, across all touchpoints. Before joining Accenture, Matt was Executive Vice-President, Creative, for The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks where he oversaw all omnichannel (online/offline/social) creative for cross-industry clients such as Hyundai, Sony, L’Oreal, Merck, Bank of America, and BlueCross BlueShield.

In 2013, Matt joined Accenture Interactive to lead both the Global Creative and the North American Experience Design practices. The following year, Matt took over leadership of Business Development in North America for Fjord. As such, he is responsible for new business opportunities in digital design and deploying them to appropriate studios across our five locations in the US. Matt is particularly passionate about bringing the value of strategic design to life for current and prospective client marketing and innovation leaders. This is particularly important as human-centered design continues to become a leading driver for many companies in our digital age.

When Matt is detached from Fjord opportunities, he will sometimes find himself on stage ducking the slings and arrows (and tomatoes) of audiences in need of a laugh. Yes, Matt has been known to grace a comedy club or two with his cynical musings about life’s foibles. While more psychologically treacherous, he finds this safer than the insanely physical hiking and mountain climbing exploits of his fitter colleagues.

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