Quezia Soares

Global Marketing Director

Quezia Soares

Quezia is the global marketing director for Fjord the design and innovation arm of Accenture Interactive. She is also part of the global marketing leadership for Accenture Digital, and a member of Fjord’s global leadership.

Prior to Fjord Quezia was responsible for the recruitment marketing function for Accenture UKI. Previously she held marketing and communications roles with KPMG and Goldman Sachs.

Quezia’s main skills lie in brand management and content strategy but above all her focus is in fostering an open, creative and collaborative culture where people can thrive. She is a firm believer that brand and culture are intrinsically linked and approach her work with strong humanistic lenses.

Her other (self-titled) job is podcast recommender in chief, somehow this has not quite turned into a career yet. When she is not at work, she is kept busy and slightly out of breath by her two very active young boys.

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