New York

Scott Santos

Regional Business Development Director, North East

Scott Santos

Making the complex simple…. Sounds fairly straightforward and, well, simple. For Scott Santos, finding solutions to complex digital problems is a not only an operating principle, but a lifestyle. As a National Design Realisation Director at Fjord, Scott is primarily responsible for ensuring our network of outstanding design talent has the tools, processes and support they need to bring to life their beautiful design solutions.

An early fascination with how the human brain works and the Internet bubble are to blame for Scott’s experience in, and appreciation for, all things digital. Academically trained in psychology, he has come to appreciate the true value of rigorously understanding the user in creating experiences that surprise and delight. A detour from Management Consulting into Silicon Alley in NYC in the late 90s allowed Scott to cut his teeth on the fundamentals of designing for the online space, while integrating his human centered research background.

Carrying this experience forward into the agency world was the logical next step. Scott was lucky enough to work with brands such as Citi, Pfizer, Best Western, and Microsoft, helping define and execute digital strategies at both the campaign and pure-play levels. Prior to joining Fjord, Scott held internal UX leadership positions for Thomson Reuters and The College Board where he was able to lead large, multi-disciplined design teams in the pursuit of audience driven design excellence.

So back to making the complex simple a lifestyle – Scott has been able to drag his Manhattan born and raised wife out of the city and into the suburbs with their two children, wherein he enjoys the simpler things: a freshly cut lawn, little league and soccer games, experimenting (and mostly failing) with BBQ and his beloved Red Sox.

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