Sundy Grubel

Group Director, Atlanta

Sundy Grubel
Sundy brings a laser-sharp focus on finding new ways to bridge the gaps that exist between rapidly evolving technology and the people who need to adapt to the challenging and constantly changing world in which we live. 
A serial entrepreneur, Sunday has launched several start-up companies dating back to 1996 when digital meant floppy disks and CD Roms. She’s become a design and strategy leader who’s spent over 22 years of her career creating delightful experiences and improving human interactions across the digital and physical landscape and for some of the top brands and agencies in the world. At Fjord, Sundy is responsible for delivering design and innovation impact within the southeast region of the US.  

Sundy lives in Atlanta with her partner Aaron, and her two children Nicolas and Mateo. In her free time, Sundy is enjoys woodworking and bringing to life furniture designs that she dreams up in her head. Originally from Miami, Florida, Sundy moved to Atlanta to attend Clayton State College, and after living in NYC for several years, she decided to move back to Atlanta and call it her home.

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