Tanarra Schneider

Group Director, Chicago

Tanarra Schneider

Fjord Chicago Studio Lead Tanarra’s talents and unique approach are a product of a very eclectic background. Over the last 42 years, she’s been a dancer, cook, event planner, designer and — most recently — a mother, and she credits all of these experiences for inspiring her and informing the way she works at Fjord every day. Agility, discipline, perseverance and performance were a focus of dance; cooking taught her the value of authenticity and how to lead with craft in service of others to build community; and through event planning, she learned to be prepared, to check everything twice, and to bring other people’s visions to life – even when she disagrees.

Tanarra’s first professional design gig was an internship at the Beit Hashoah Museum of Tolerance, designing experiences for children too young to visit the core exhibits. Now, years later at Fjord, she uses design every day to lead teams and change clients’ businesses — as well as the world — for the better.

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