Ted Kilian

Group Director, Singapore

Ted Kilian

Ted is a restless soul who has explored a broad range of jobs, careers, and countries. He still has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up and thinks dilettante is a compliment. Fortunately, he brings that open-mindedness to design research and managing a brilliant team of designers in Singapore. Ever a teacher at heart, Ted loves the challenge of making things make sense – which is not a bad definition of design.

Building on his background in qualitative social research, environmental psychology, teaching, and informal learnings gleaned from rock climbing, driving a dump truck, food service management and repairing old motorcycles, Ted’s methods combine curious observation, playful ideation and conceptual structure to craft experiences that bring brand and customer stories together.

He has been in Asia for 10 years now, first in his own Hong Kong-based business, Encouraging Behaviour, doing experience strategy and design, then helping grow SapientNitro Singapore as Creative Director of User Experience, then as co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Brilliant Basics, the product and service design company now owned by Infosys.

Ted believes most bios are just buzzwords distributed between exaggerations but doesn’t have a better solution yet and knows that they are important for people to have some idea of who you are. He has a Ph.D. in Geography (thesis: Social construction of Public Space in the Czech Republic after 1989 – ask him about it and then back away slowly), loves to skateboard, play guitar, and act like a kid with his son.

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