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Business Design Leads can lead strategy focused project streams and pitches and help focus the work of the   experience design team from a business perspective.  They can interpret client and consumer needs, effectively   communicate and present service strategies and possess a good commercial awareness.  Main focus on Russian and Sweden markets


The Business Design Lead reports to the Service design Director and SALES DIRECTOR


Key Tasks and Responsibilities  


Project delivery (ca.  60% depending on the billable project needs of time)  


Collaborate with the Service Design Leads and Resourcing Manager to structure and plan business   design work on projects


Business analysis and opportunity modeling through:


Business design and marketing (as defined in the Fjord Framework)


  • Drive the Stakeholder understanding & strategy creation within projects and business development overall
  • Analyze the market (competitor and target segment) and provide market insights for the design team
  • Analyze the client business and build the business drivers for the project
  • Analyze, evaluate and build the Opportunity model for the service to be created
  • Build and develop the positioning and value proposition for the service to be created
  • Build and develop the Channel and touch point model
  • Build and develop Organizational model to support the client project
  • Collect and develop the Business requirements for the project to succeed
  • Conduct Process design
  • Develop and maintain Partner management-model for the service to be created
  • Contribute  to  the  creation  of  service  roadmaps
  • Take the responsibility  for  the  quality  of  business  design  and  successful  delivery  of  work  in  this  area  across various  projects
  • Lead and coordinate business  design  tracks  independently  or  in  conjunction  with  the  Service  Design  Lead


New business (ca.  30 % depending on the billable project needs of the time)  


  • Provide business  consulting  on  pitches,  workshops  and  other  new  business  projects  as  required,  thus   ensuring  a  strategic  approach
  • Own the  storyline  and  content  creation  for  strategy-­focused  pitch  and  new  business  presentations
  • Lead and  manage  strategy  heavy  pitch  projects
  • Work closely  with,  and  be  available  to,  the  respective  business  development  (sales)  teams  in  pursuing  new  business  leads  and  converting  client  briefs  into  booked  projects
  • Support the  business  development  team  with  strategic  input,  client  meetings,  presentations  and  proposal writing



Internal Tasks (ca. 10% of time)     


  • Collaborate with the  Service  Design  Director  to  weave  business  design  approaches  into  Fjord  service   design  and  establish  it  as  a  core  discipline
  • Train Service Design  Leads  and  designers  in  business  design  methodologies,  tools  and  best  practices
  • Foster knowledge  sharing  in  Business  design  across  projects  and  offices




  • 10  +  years  relevant  industry  experience  (business  design,  design  strategy, business  or  IT  consulting)
  • Experienced  in  change  management,  operational  improvement  and  metrics consulting  as  well  as  industry  knowledge  in  areas  relevant  for  Fjord
  • Experienced  in  business  development  from  lead  generation  through  proposal writing  and  proposal  delivery
  • Experienced in  working  in  multi-­disciplinary  design  teams
  • Prior experience designing  applications  that  balance  user  needs,  commercial interests  and  technological  constraints
  • Analytical and creative
  • Able to clearly present strategies
  • Able to multi-­task and perform well under  pressure
  • Careful attention to detail
  • Able to work independently and identify and solve  problems  effectively  and efficiently
  • Able to function, adapt and succeed in  a  constantly  changing  environment
  • Proactive, self-sufficient and professional, with strong organizational, time management and communication  skills
  • Passionate and enthusiastic about excellence
  • Proficient in relevant software packages
  • Able to demonstrate excellent verbal and written English and Chinese
  • Able to demonstrate initiative
  • Willingness to travel and work overseas

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