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Business Designer (D2)
At Fjord, Business Design is integral to the design process. The strategists, pragmatists, and creative thinkers on our Business Design team establish people-centric business strategies for our clients, fusing the practices of design and strategy to structure the business impact of design at a strategic, operational, and organizational level. As a Business Designer, you will collaborate with our user research team to understand user needs, identify design opportunities, and create meaningful user experiences. Design is the problem-solving paradigm of our age, and Business Design is our way of shaping and influencing the world.
As a team, we:
Solve and reframe business problems using a design mindset.
Help our clients build their future, from measurement and KPI modeling through to organizational impact and strategic roadmapping.
Translate between several languages at once (operational, technical, financial, to name but three) to find the best path to achieve the greatest impact.
As a Business Designer (D2), you:
Establish people-centric business strategies for our clients, fusing the practices of design and strategy to structure the business impact of design at a strategic, operational, and organizational level.
Facilitate communication across disciplines at the project level to create alignment and efficiencies.
Research materials from a wide variety of client materials, interviews, external sources, analytics, and data sources to build a business background point of view.
Contribute to the project to ensure it meets client needs, as per stakeholder needs and business conversations.
Research and communicate insightful, fresh messages for clients and colleagues.
Support stakeholder interviews by recording observations and demonstrating empathy.
Participate in external and internal design communities as a Fjordian.
Working together, we will:
Have specific opportunities to use our craft to make a difference in people’s lives.
Engage in ongoing activities that enable us to learn, practice, and evolve our discipline.
Collaborate on products and services that change the way our clients do business.
Set yourself apart:
Experience with Excel and/or other analysis tools, PowerPoint, Keynote and/or Adobe Creative Suite for presentation purposes. Familiarity with InVision, Sketch, or other prototyping methods. Ability to learn how to use new tools in real time.
History of tackling and solving complex business or academic challenges; a strong personal mission to help find truths and challenge orthodoxies.
Proven history of delivering results on time.
Sound knowledge of the Business Design landscape, including but not limited to design intelligence, measurement, KPIs, organizational change, venturing, design storytelling, design thinking, culture change, coaching, business/investment case generation, and product management.
Awareness of Service Design and product design.
Your experience:
1-2 years of agency or consultancy experience; 1-2 years of strategy experience; prior consultancy experience preferred.
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in business or related field.
We are a family of Fjordians. Our living culture and borderless playground provide us with space to thrive, following simple core values that inform everything we do. Be adventurous. Bring a vision. Make an impact. Rely on empathy. Nurture collaboration. Stay transparent. Be bold and generous in all you do.
Thanks to a unique partnership with Accenture, we’re able to do work that changes the world, and we’re always looking for kindred spirits.
Business Designers are core to Fjord’s mission. Together we’re forging a new profession that applies the best of what’s gone before in the service of the reinvention we provide for our clients. You bring something new and unusual to our mix, you have a deep aesthetic sensibility, you spot patterns where few can, and you can combine business strategy with design sensibility and approach. Join us and help define something new.
*Your details will be shared with Accenture as part of the application process

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