Fjord Madrid

Business Development Intern

Fjord is a design and innovation consultancy, acquired by Accenture Interactive in 2013. We create useful, effective, and desirable digital services that people love. We help the world’s leading businesses make complex systems simple and elegant with the power of design. Founded in 2001, Fjord employs a diverse group of over 800 hundred design experts in twenty-four global creative hubs.


Our work environment appeals to self-motivated, flexible team players that have great interpersonal skills and lots of curiosity. We believe in peer relationships rather than hierarchies; in teams rather than lone thinkers. Fjord is all about an open collaborative approach and we think it is the key enabler for us to deliver innovative, ground-breaking work.


We are in the lookout for an intern with a previous experience —either academical or practical— in the business development field. People with studies in business, LEINN, design or related areas is preferid but not limited so if you consider you are the best person for this position just let us know but please be sure to read the posting carefully before applying..


At the begining, your day to day will be around:


      • Stay tunned about what is going out there. New markets and competitors come to light every day. To keep nurturing our Business Design community it will be your duty to search for the latest trends to avoid getting into the same solution again and again.
        • Feel free to propose what have you learnt in previous experiencies. Your experience and creativity in proposing new ways of working is what will help us growth towards new ways of doing.
      • Taking part on proposals. Proposals are made in order to align client needs and Fjord solutions.
        • We have a pretty strong Business design community at Fjord with monthly calls and knowledge shared methods that will allow you to search for best practices and ways to tailor them towards your client needs.
        • You will also attend to client meetings and events to get the way we communicate Fjord to the outside and have an idea about what is going on when it comes to innovation and design.
      • Own your proposals life-cycle and client relationship. In order to get to the best solution for both parties, we will get through iterationd until reaching and agreement. Keep an eye of what is happening and share this information with your team to define next steps.
        • You won’t work alone on this. The proposal workflow is hold by our Design Directors, Design Leads, Project Managers and of course the Business Development Team. You will count with their experience and support at any time of the process.
        • Also, we have our own sales pipeline tools and procedures. You will update your progress and do weekly reports to ensure everybody is aligned.
      • Onboard the team starting a project. When a proposal is sold it turns into a project. As the owner of this part of the process you will be also onboarding the teams resourced to get the work done.
        • This will be part of your work as a Business Development Intern. At the same time, we will be working together to shape your career path and define your space within Fjord.


What you need to apply to this job:


      • To be part of our team we won’t only give prominence to your capabilities but the way you could fit within our team. You should be inquisitive and share with us that little extra to the table. You will count with an endless support from our side. This is a two – way collaboration so we expect the same support from you. Be demanding for what you deliver and help us break barriers.
      • As this is an internship you’ll need to be an enrolled student (Bachelor – Master Degree) of Business, LEIN, Design or related disciplines.
      • Both proficiency level of English and Spanish..
      • Proficient in a variety of methods to convey ideas and concepts (e.g. storyboards, wireframes, prototypes, etc)
      • Excellent knowledge of MS Office, feel comfortable using keynote and familiarity with design tools such as, Photoshop and Sketch.
      • Previous experience in the field/industry will be fantastic.
      • Strong knowledge of design process and project management.
      • Ability to cope with stress.
      • Strong influencing, negotiation and communication skills (written, verbal, presentation).
      • Must be organized, analytical, and dynamic.
      • Availability for at least 4 – 6 months. Commitment on a full-time basis is preferred.
      • European work permit and beign pursuing a degree is a must.
      • Willingness to travel.


How to apply

Apply through with your CV, portfolio and motivation letter.