Fjord London

Data Designer


Data Design strives to create dynamic and engaging data experiences for humans and machines which enable substantive action and meaningful change. We leverage a combination of user-centered thinking and data-driven methods to create cross-disciplinary solutions spanning every industry. Data Designers create the essential pieces for these solutions, be it beautiful bespoke data visualizations or thoughtful user experiences. Data Design at Fjord breaks down the walls between design and engineering to synthesize data solutions that improve the human experience.


As a team, we:

  • Unlock the power of data for clients by evaluating and building solutions through a holistic design-driven lens.
  • Must be flexible and deep in our understanding of both technical and design fields and how they interact.
  • Are hungry to learn about fields and modes of thinking that are unfamiliar and exciting so that we can deliver not only proven but also innovative answers for our clients.


As a Data Designer, you:

  • Design with and leverage data to enhance human experiences at work and in life.
  • Understand Data Design as a series of disciplines and a practice.
  • Synthesize materials and construct meaningful data stories to ground the design work in the client’s measurable reality.
  • Communicate and share interests, data, and analytical insights with the project team to broaden their own perspectives of their work.
  • Research and communicate insightful, fresh messages for our clients and colleagues such that you establish trust and contribute to thought leadership.
  • Support new business development efforts by providing expert information in pitch efforts and client meetings.
  • Attend studio and community events and workshops.


Working together, we will:

  • Change the way that our clients view and use data and the role that data plays in every day life.
  • Push each other out of our comfort zone, to continuously learn, practice, and evolve Data Design.

Set yourself apart:

  • Experience with some of the following: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision, Axure, Confluence, JIRA and the ability to learn how to use new tools in real time.
  • Proven history of delivering results on time and within budget.
  • Working knowledge of the Data Design landscape, including but not limited to data intelligence, instrumentation, organizational integration, data storytelling, design thinking, culture change, coaching, data valuation, and product management.
  • Experience with the following programming languages and packages (or similar): JavaScript (React, D3, Node), Python, Scala, R, Matlab, HTML and CSS through the most recent version.
  • Experience with the following tools (or similar): Git, AWS, GCP, SQL.


Your experience:

  • Technology or design experience;  development or strategy experience or big data, analytics, or data visualization experience; prior consultancy experience preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Data Design or related field.



We are a family of Fjordians. Our living culture and borderless playground provide us with space to thrive, following simple core values that inform everything we do. Be adventurous. Bring a vision. Make an impact. Rely on empathy. Nurture collaboration. Stay transparent. Be bold and generous in all you do.


Thanks to a unique partnership with Accenture, we’re able to do work that changes the world, and we’re always looking for kindred spirits.


Data designers are helping lead Fjord into the future of design. Together we’re forging a new profession that applies the best of what’s gone before in the service of the reinvention, and answers new challenges of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and behavioral economics. You exist in two worlds simultaneously, the world of empathy and human experiences, and the world of data, algorithms, and bleeding-edge technology. Join us and help create something new, something better, something that bridges humans and data.


How to apply


Please send your CV, Coverletter  & Portfolio via email to

Include the position title you are applying for in the subject line. Also, in the body of your email please be sure to include your name, email address and contact phone number

Your details will be shared with Accenture as part of the recruitment process.