Fjord Berlin

Senior Business Designer


Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg


Who you are


You’re a business punk with the mind of a Big 5 strategy consultant and the heart of a designer. You cut through the noise and can clearly pinpoint where the actual problems and opportunities between the human experience, business and technology lie. Your perspectives challenge existing business paradigms and trigger organizations to change forward. New growth opportunities, business models, products, services, platforms, and ventures – and how to make them fly – is what you are passionate about. You think and shape services and products holistically – from commercial viability to incubation, implementation, and scaling. While others stop at the product strategy, you think how to build and enable the organization behind it. But most of all: You’re a sharp, curious and a critical thinker with the heart at the right place.


What you love doing and growing in

  • Navigate the design process and its methods to solve innovation for our clients
  • Conduct and synthesize qualitative and quantitative research (user interviews, desk research, surveys)
  • Surface industry trends and leverage human insight to identify key business opportunities, inform strategy definition and business model identification
  • Evaluate opportunity spaces and service concepts from a business perspective (i.e., viability, feasibility, sustainability, scalability, strategy-fit, potential road blockers etc.)
  • Quantify the market potential of new concepts and ideas
  • Design, run and synthesize co-creation and ideation workshops with our clients
  • Work in close co-creation with design teams to shape new business models, products, services, platforms, and experiences
  • Validate new service ideas/concepts qualitatively and quantitatively (i.e., willingness to pay, unit economics, tech. feasibility)
  • Identify blockers and challenges of making a new product, service, platform, or experience successful – and find creative ways to overcome them
  • Identify key value levers and create business cases to quantify revenue, cost, profitability and required investment levels for new products, services, platforms, and ventures
  • Build a clear roadmap of how to move from idea to scaled solution with adoption and traction
  • Design organizations and operating models that empower and deliver on experience-led innovation
  • Build commercial strategies with a clear path towards ROI
  • Create Go-to-Market, rollout and launch strategies for new products and services
  • Articulate concise, substantiated, and compelling strategies and business rationales with engaging and creative storytelling


Your experience and background

  • Bachelor/master’s degree in business or related disciplines
  • 3-5 years relevant professional experience
  • Preferred background: Consulting, Digital Agency (Strategy), Start Up/Accelerators
  • Strong business insight across a variety of industries with a sharp strategic mindset and strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Proficiency in relevant methods and tools (market analysis, value proposition modeling, business casing, operating model design etc.)
  • Proficiency in Design-Thinking and Service Design methodologies
  • Solid experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • History of tackling and solving complex business challenges with proven track record for delivering impactful results
  • Awareness and experience in product design methodologies
  • Proficiency in PowerPoint and Excel
  • English and German

To apply

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