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Senior Creative Technologist

Senior Creative Technologist


At Fjord, the Creative Technology team fuels our edge in the market. We believe Creative Technology accelerates design discovery and enables exploration at the intersection of design and technology.


As a Senior Creative Technologist, you’ll get to participate in thought leadership, and work closely with clients and partners to drive growth in emerging technology spaces. You’ll also assist Design teams to look to the future of emerging technology to invent new experiences.


This is your opportunity to be part of a team that is creating positive impact for our clients and the world through a powerful empathetic lens of the people we serve.


As a team, we:

  • Enhance design concepts with our knowledge of what technology can do.
  • Fill the gaps between design and development.
  • Keep Fjord in the forefront of emerging technology.


As a Senior Creative Technologist, you:

  • Enhance design capabilities by enabling exploration at the intersection of design and technology.
  • Advanced understanding of how technology can solve human needs, and how to spot patterns and trends at the intersection of design and technology.
  • Collaborate with project leadership to identify emerging areas of opportunity for proactive exploration across many forms of technology, including hardware and software.
  • Collaborate with Design teams to push the boundaries of exploration, and define measures of success.
  • Lead the development of proof of concept prototypes to showcase available complex technology options and the impact.
  • Be a thought leader for the client on the impact of emerging technologies and experiences.
  • Maintain awareness of and collaborate with startups and emerging technology vendors.


Working together, we will:

  • Have specific opportunities to use our craft to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Engage in ongoing activities that enable us to learn, practice, and evolve our discipline.
  • Collaborate on products and services that change the way our clients do business.


Set yourself apart:

  • Previous experience in different environments spanning startups, agencies, large corporations, and consulting.
  • Experience working in an open-ended exploratory setting such as an innovation lab, R&D division, or incubator.


Your experience:

  • 5–7 years of experience in a development track such as mobile, front-end, back-end, full-stack, etc.
  • 2 years of management experience.


We are a family of Fjordians. Our living culture and borderless playground provide us with space to thrive, following simple core values that inform everything we do. Be adventurous. Bring a vision. Make an impact. Rely on empathy. Nurture collaboration. Stay transparent. Be bold and generous in all you do.


Thanks to a unique partnership with Accenture, we’re able to do work that changes the world, and we’re always looking for kindred spirits.


We believe there is nothing more important than creating products and services that will positively impact the world we live. Our Creative Technologists ensures we are leveraging the most appropriate technology for the best possible output. Be part of a team that is curious, driven by empathy, and relentless in our pursuit of meaningful and impactful design.

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