Pizza Hut

A pizza ordering service worthy of the digital age

Pizza Hut came to Fjord Austin (formally Chaotic Moon) in the hope of turning the art of ordering pizza into something worthy of the digital age. That meant UX improvements to its app to make ordering simple and intuitive and removing gamification that had been bogging down the experience as well as designing future visions that would digitize the entire restaurant experience.  

As a first step, we took its original app – functional but unstable at times – and reimagined it into a simple, beautiful solution that started getting traffic worthy of the world’s largest restaurant company. 

After a few thousand 5-star reviews and nearly doubling  mobile  orders, we made it even better.

We then built from scratch a version on iOS plus the new Android and made additional UX improvements. That created a streamlined mobile ordering process that allowed return users to order a pizza in less than 15 seconds. At launch, more than 1 million app downloads occurred in the first weekend alone, and it became the No. 1 most downloaded food and drink app. 

In the app’s first week, it created 5,000 new customers and increased sales by over 100% across platforms. Pizza Hut ended up seeing a 300% increase in mobile order volume, and combined digital orders have increased to account for a full 50% of orders.

At the same time, we worked with Pizza Hut to design a concept interactive table, which would allow restaurant-goers to design their pies by touch. Consumers would be able to use the table to choose and customize every detail of their pizza orders (size of the pie, toppings, distribution of toppings), pay with a mobile wallet and even play games.

It’s an exciting vision for touch-screen interactivity in the restaurant space – and brings a little digital fun to paper menus and pizza orders.