3 Sweden & Fjord

An alliance built on a belief in the power of good design

Win customers. Keep customers. It sounds simple but in the hard fought world of mobile telecoms it takes constant innovation to stay ahead of the game. 3 Sweden wants to lead the market in customer acquisition and retention and understands that customer experience is the key. We couldn’t agree more.

We’ve been working together for 4 years and are proud of the way we push and inspire each other to design services that put customers at the heart of everything. Together we’ve created experiences that have become globally cited benchmarks on how to help drive design and innovation within mobile telecoms.

What makes our relationship special is maintaining a very strong understanding of the underlying market and making continuous exploration of important trends and developments in the business.

Fjord has helped us raise the bar in what we want to achieve.
Jonas Eifrém Digital Experience Manager, 3 Sweden

Together we have used Rumble ™ workshops to look forward several years at the implications of the explosion of multiple connected devices and used these insights to help shape the way that we can track and monitor usage across multiple devices today.

We have also worked hard to address pain points for customers when roaming and used journey mapping to identify and address the complexity of international roaming by making smart offers of roaming packs and allowing easy usage tracking.

We have collaborated to improve the physical retail experience by designing and deploying interactive touch screens in stores to support customers and help local sales agents to best satisfy the needs of customers.

Besides working on a continuous evolution of digital channels and helping to improve the in-store experience, we also jointly recognise the importance of helping drive innovation from within an organisation.

To that end we recently joined the 3Labs initiative to host a one day innovation lab where we worked with diverse team members at 3 to use service design tools to create champion concepts that were then pitched to the overall organisation at 3. A great example of people from across the organisation coming together during one day to take ideas to fully fledged concepts.

These are just some examples of the work we’ve undertaken in alliance with 3 Sweden but there are many more. Our job is not about delivering a single project and stopping there – instead each interaction is an incremental step in making the overall customer experience at 3 better. After all, the mobile telecoms market continues to evolve. And so does good design. There is a lot more to come.

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