Putting people first

Fjord and BBVA redefine banking innovation

Today, the success of any new service depends on the user’s experience. But if the service isn’t profitable in the complex and high-risk digital landscape, it will never be sustainable for its users. Understanding this unique challenge, Spain’s leading bank decided to embrace a whole new approach, and BBVA turned to Fjord to re-think their digital strategy. They wanted a series of mobile applications that would complement their existing online offerings, while also creating alternative revenue streams.

A 360 degree view of banking

Letting service design lead the way, Fjord helped BBVA gain a holistic view of its organization, enhancing the bank’s entire approach to mobile. The BBVA and Fjord teams worked together to define the customer’s journey using the bank’s existing services. This led to a clearer understanding of how the bank could improve user experience, but also internal applications that helped employees with banking portfolios.

But Fjord didn’t stop there. We explored BBVA’s digital language across all of their platforms: web, mobile tablet, TV, and ATMs. This provided a consistent digital experience for the user by strengthening BBVA’s brand DNA.

A human-centric approach

The collective efforts of BBVA and Fjord have produced a new set of applications that passionately put the user first. The iPad and iPhone apps, available in Spain, the US, and South America, have been met with phenomenal success. Since the launch, BBVA has experienced significant growth in mobile banking transactions. In fact, much of BBVA’s overall customer base are only using the mobile apps for transactions and have fully migrated away from traditional web-based services, all due to the engaging experience across mobile platforms. Adoption of the app has grown from 50,000 to 1,200,000 users around the world and was even featured on Apple’s main website.

It isn’t just the customers who are enthralled with BBVA’s new approach. BBVA’s management can now leverage the Operational Intelligence iPad app, which provides a new way of understanding how the bank is performing.

Fjord is now working with BBVA to further explore how a design-led approach can enhance its digital tools, from mobile platforms to digital branding, while continuing to pioneer banking in the mobile space.

With Fjord's help we’ve become a global leader in the field of mobile, and this is just the beginning. We really believe that some of our upcoming projects are going to change the world, and one of our most important partners to achieve this breakthrough is Fjord.
LUIS UGUINA Global Head of Remote Channels and New Digital Business, BBVA