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Creating a service to demystify the phone bill (again)

You’ve probably heard about the My3 app we created together with 3 Sweden. But did you know, that we’ve continued to work on it and we’ve also applied to the world of business?
Unlike most mobile operators, Scandinavian operator 3 in Sweden and Denmark are committed to building long-term relationships with their customers through transparency. Recognizing that self-service was requiring a makeover, 3 came to Fjord looking to create a mobile experience that would help take this transparency to a new level, offering their customers clarity and simplicity with their monthly bill.

For most mobile phone users the monthly bill is harder to interpret than a foreign language. And as people increasingly use their phone for Internet services, media consumption and even payments, the bill becomes more inscrutable and even more likely to cause “bill shock”.

In response to this challenge, Fjord and 3 took a service design approach to deliver an experience that would be both engaging and educational. We designed an app for iPhone® and Android™ that helps provide a clear and engaging way for customers to understand their voice, messaging and data usage and take control of their subscription, right from their smartphone.

Since then My3 has become the dominant digital channel for customers to engage with 3 and to administer and enhance their subscription

By partnering with Fjord, we have created a beautiful, innovative way to give our customers access to their data and show our commitment to transparency.
Johan Gertell VP of Digital, 3 Sweden

Transforming ugly data into a beautiful service

While designing the app, we wanted to gain a real sense of the complexities involved in understanding the mobile subscription. And when we peeked beneath the hood of the telecom operator, we began to understand just how difficult it was with multiple layers of allowances for voice, data and messaging, roaming usage, and customized add-ons. In fact, 3 Sweden had over 200 different active subscription models. The challenge for us was to deliver a service that would help provide every user with context-specific data visualisations of their usage. That meant customizing and beautifying the billing system, without getting stuck in data glut.

With the My3 service we were determined to help provide users with a multi-faceted interpretation of their usage: an opening “snapshot,” a deeper investigation of invoices and the ability to see trends over the past six months, as well as how their bill compares to a typical customer. With so much information, a compelling visual representation was essential so we created “vinyls” and “doughnuts” which playfully depict a clear breakdown of usage.

A data viz social circle

My3 doesn’t just make data useful, it makes it fun. The app offers users an illuminating glimpse of a customer’s recent social history with a dynamic phonebook of favourite friends and a representation of typical daily usage. It’s also an important platform for helping and guiding customers to pick the preferred subscription for them – rather than getting discouraged and leaving the operator. Finally, it taps into the connectivity of the smartphone with constant access to customer care if there is an issue that requires support.

We’ve helped 3 transform a common customer headache into a channel for engagement. The My3 app embraces service design thinking, turning elaborate subscription models into simple, yet enticing data visualizations.

Applying my3 to the world of business

With the My3 app established and enhancing the consumer world, we wanted to bring the same service to 3 Sweden’s business customers. After all, anything designed to help simplify and save time is always popular with businesses, particularly those managing multiple devices and accounts.

Our starting point was to put ourselves in the shoes of business administrators. What were their biggest pressure points and what features and services could help them most? And being a mobile provider we wanted them to have the same experience wherever they were: on their desktop computer, their tablet or a mobile. This had to be factored in right from the start.

We also wanted to embrace the brand’s playful side and bring some life and color to the platform. Looking at your company phone bills or trying to find old invoices is not necessarily fun but it can certainly be made a lot less difficult.

The redesigned platform now has simple, colorful infographics giving you a snapshot of everything you need to know about your business account. From this simple opening page it’s very easy to dig deeper into the information you require – from tracking and topping up individual user’s accounts to exporting data into Excel files and even finding out the best times to call the contact centers. All of the data is live and intuitive to comprehend, so 3 Sweden’s business clients don’t get surprises when employees go roaming or when they make an exceptional number of calls.

By making this platform easy to use and full of the information a business user requires, we knew we could give people the tools to help themselves and get on with their busy days, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the strain on the contact centers as a result.

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