Fryshuset Systerskapet

Designing a safe, supportive space for girls

Since its founding in 1984, Fryshuset has provided varied programs (everything from education to music to skateboarding) for thousands of youths in Stockholm. Yet, despite more than 40,000 young people coming through its doors every month, there have been relatively few programs specifically geared toward young girls and women.

Until now. Systerskapet – the Sisterhood – is a companion program to Fryshuset that aims to educate and encourage young girls support each other. The movement was born in Stockholm but plans to spread across the country.

Systerskapet launched with a simple goal: to devise activities and programs that unite women and girls aged 16-26 and together building an environment where they are encouraged to be themselves.

Fryshuset has more than 600 people on staff. Many have worked with young people for years; many are young people themselves. Clearly, it wasn’t going to be a problem coming up with ideas. The challenge would be on how to prioritize and test those ideas and then turn them into action.

Through our colleagues in Accenture, we helped Fryshuset use design thinking methodologies to turn their good ideas into a plan of action. We focused on research and a series of idea-generation workshops to help Fryshuset uncover real insights into what girls wanted, and then build solutions. Our final workshop served as a soft launch for the program and ensured further validation of the research insights and program concepts by a wider group of girls.