Defining a tabloid mobile news experience

“Storytelling that moves you”

Expressen is a nationwide evening tabloid newspaper in Sweden, its symbol is a wasp and there’s a true brand DNA to the newspaper which was not reflected through their mobile news experience.

Expressen approached Fjord to conduct an extensive redesign of their mobile experience in order to truly reflect Expressen’s brand proposition, Berättande som berör, “story telling that moves you”, to the reader, and deliver a world-class news service to their mobile readers.

Working together

We jointly defined the vision and baseline for the project and then worked through nearly all stages of Fjord’s design process. We tackled the problem with rapid design sprints, providing concept and design of all areas of the new service. We extensively modernized the look, feel and interactivity of the service whilst retaining a genuine tabloid feel.

The interaction between the print and the digital worlds was a key success factor in bringing the tabloid news experience to life.

Challenging the market leader

Expressen readers get the latest news stories and videos within a world-class news service which feels like a tabloid news experience.

There are also innovative features such as latest news’ which contains everything since you last visited and ‘my news’, a timeline that connects related content, such as a story that evolves over time – aiming to bring readers back several times a day for their news fix.

The Expressen mobile experience launched in October 2013 and Expressen have said the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The numbers have risen from 900,000 to up to 2.6 million weekly unique visits, truly challenging the leadership position in Sweden. In August 2014 Expressen also reported rapid growth in their online advertisement sales.

We are very happy with the results from Fjord. Certain features like personalised news at the top of the site and sweepable stories under articles have really impressed our readers, and extra credits for the extremely tight deadline!
Joakim Svensson Expressen