3 Sweden

New standards for service

Improving the purchase and sign up experience for 3 Sweden

The mobile telecoms market has been shaped by its rapid expansion over the last 20 years: a tough and aggressive environment for the operators has led to a complex and often bamboozling experience for the customer. Not only are they bombarded on a daily basis with new deals and tempting offers to switch providers, but sign up processes and account management, even for simple things like keeping your phone number, can be complex and time consuming.

3 Sweden wanted to tear up these processes and start again, to help raise the standard for buying a mobile phone and set new expectations for the industry. And by improving key experiences for the customer they knew they could win market share and loyalty in return.

Lean, clean and in control

After helping 3 Sweden with a refresh of their subscription tariffs, we focused on streamlining their online purchase journeys to improve conversion rates and the average revenue per user. The key was to turn something that felt quite negative into something more positive and service based.

We started by helping to shorten user journeys wherever possible, leading customers from the top deals on the homepage and quickly into the buying phase. We designed a new floating information bar, permanently positioned at the bottom of the page, showing the customer’s up-to-date basket. Finally we focused on helping to improve some of the more mundane elements of buying a phone, such as getting insurance or simply making sure you keep your existing phone number. While many operators seem to make this process as complex as possible, losing sales as a result, we brought it all online giving the customer complete control.

While this design work helped simplify the journey and increased customer conversion rates, we also wanted to help increase revenue per user. For this we designed a simple system of relevant cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Whether it was a prompt about increasing the level of data in your plan, or highlighting relevant accessories, we brought these opportunities naturally into the purchase journey so they didn’t feel heavy-handed or outside of the natural user experience.

The net result is a process that feels smooth, fast and totally transparent. At every stage of the journey, you know exactly which products you’ve chosen and what it means for the price you pay.

Raising the bar in every way

It’s too early to understand the full commercial results of the changes we made to the purchase journey, although early signs are very positive. But what we can say is that from a customer experience perspective, 3 Sweden is clearly leading the way.

Equally impressive was the agile way of working we developed as a client/agency team. Running workshops together and forming multi-disciplinary workstreams helped us tackle the project far more quickly and efficiently than we could have hoped. And that flexible, proactive relationship continues today as we look to help improve 3 Sweden’s customer experience at every opportunity.

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