Harnessing responsive design

Responsive Design reigns

In the age of digital content overload, a person may have ten tabs open at a time, reading an article on their favorite news site while simultaneously sending work emails and, in yet another tab, purchasing a new phone. We’re a culture of mobile multitaskers. We wield multiple devices to accompany us through all our daily journeys and endeavors.

In fact, according to Mary Meeker’s legendary 2012 report on mobile trends, mobile devices now account for 13% of worldwide Internet traffic, up from 4% in 2010. It’s pretty clear that our mobile desires aren’t waning as we crave more digital connection.

And with this behavior comes the expectation that websites will be able to keep up with our fluid lifestyle. Embracing this new expectation, Nokia collaborated with Fjord to ensure that their website would be engaging across multiple platforms to accommodate the user on-the-go.

What started out as a mobile strategy project turned into a responsive design challenge. Nokia enlisted Fjord’s expertise to help transform into a world-class web presence that would work naturally across a variety of display ports and platforms, from smartphones to desktop computers to tablets. The crucial component of responsive design is the ability to adapt the content to multiple viewing environments and have the same quality experience. By collaborating with diverse teams at Nokia, Fjord was able to do just that.

Without sacrificing the integrity of the design, Fjord customized an elegant experience for each device. So, if you’re purchasing a Nokia product on your desktop, but need to run out the door to your next meeting, you can effortlessly transition to your mobile device to continue browsing. Through this thoughtful design, the boundaries between connected devices are blurred, making content more accessible for users, wherever they go.

HTML5 Transformed into Storytelling

Leveraging the magic of HTML5 to handle multimedia and graphical content with finesse, Fjord worked with Nokia’s engineers and design teams to give a much more editorial style. The site’s flexible structure allows fresh content to be added in real-time, keeping the site current and dynamic with video, social media, and timely articles. With a beautiful leading image at the top of the homepage and elegant smaller tile images that indicate the latest trends, news and events from Nokia, the homepage is a mosaic of eclectic, humanized content. Following the same simple and authentic design, Nokia’s product page and catalogue allow for intuitive navigation across devices.

Mobile Multitaskers Rejoice!

The articulate and intelligent design of Nokia’s web presence translated to an overall change in the way users perceived the Nokia brand. Users found the new site’s design to be sleek and modern. Through the redesign, Fjord and the Nokia teams collaborated to build upon Nokia’s dependable and durable brand to one that is fresh and on the leading edge of alluring interactive experiences. With an optimal viewing experience across platforms and devices, browsers and countries, users on-the-go can live their digital lifestyle seamlessly.

The new Nokia site is nothing short of a masterpiece. The intelligent design has helped to increase our brand value and brand perception in the market while allowing us to more effectively produce and publish content across multiple touch-points. It’s a delight to use and the effect it’s had has been transformational on our business.
Tuomas Manninen Head of Online Experience, Nokia