Electronic payments, transformed

Putting the consumer first pays off for Point

Payment is an obvious, crucial component of a transaction, but it can be the least enjoyable part of the shopping experience. And this isn’t just an effect of buyer’s remorse or impulse buying. The electronic payment space is being transformed by technological advancements and new disruptive competitors working to make mobile payments more alluring. But the key to reaching consumers is creating an engaging experience that is more user friendly and has a more appealing look and feel.

Point, a VeriFone Company and a leading European provider of electronic payment solutions, understood this challenge and wanted to redefine its offering. The company partnered with Fjord to improve the payment experience and make it accessible to users with a diverse group of needs.

Fjord designed a fresh payment concept that really improves the quality of our products, and helps us to stay on the leading edge of electronic payments.
Gunnar Sakari Head of Development, Point Sweden

Know Thy User

The Fjord team focused on gaining a comprehensive understanding of how Point’s technologies could be best shaped to the needs of its end-users. The first step was to map out a full contextual analysis of user activity. We did this by mirroring all the possible conditions and the range of environments that payments could take place. This helped Fjord to identify the current payment irritations so that the new solution could eradicate them. Some main issues the Fjord team discovered seemed like small frustrations, but added up to rough user experiences: hard to read displays, sticky tape over the card sweeper, and users having difficulty correcting a mistyped amount.

To remedy these complaints, Fjord designed clear visuals that guided the user through the transaction process, making it easier for the service to perform correctly. The service also has the ability to use a touchscreen or manual buttons depending on the device. Also, it doesn’t matter if the customer chooses to pay with a card or with their phone, they’ll have a consistent and simplified user experience with the device.

Service That is More Bang for your Buck

By taking a service-design-led approach, the reimagined Point offering now provides end-users with a streamlined, merchant-branded payment experience, ensuring a responsive payment process and happy customers. Together Fjord and Point focused on improving user experience and in the process elevated Point’s offering in a competitive marketplace.  Fjord and Point have demonstrated how design can improve the payment experience for millions of users, letting consumers focus on filling their shopping bags.

Working in close collaboration with the team at Point, we were able to take the latest payment technologies and transform them into a service that empowers merchants and users to have a trusted relationship, making the payment experience as enjoyable and simple as possible.
Daniel Freeman Service design director, Fjord