Digitally rebranding a mobile giant

Fjord becomes TeliaSonera’s digital partner throughout the telecom giant’s worldwide rebranding

Sometimes technology is so well-designed, so inherent in our daily lives, and so well embedded in our devices that it begins to resemble magic. We turn on our smart phones and expect outstanding connectivity and service wherever we are and don’t think of the forces behind our digitally connected wonderland. As one of the founders of mobile telephony and a driving force in the development of the information society, TeliaSonera isn’t just a mobile network operator, they are like the wizards of our tech-powerful Oz.

So, when TeliaSonera wanted to launch a new, group-wide brand identity that reflected their powerful heritage as a major pioneer of the telecom industry, they turned to Fjord to develop the branding of their digital customer experience.

Transforming a mobile giant

Fjord’s challenge was to create a digital rebranding of TeliaSonera that reflected its years of experience and its latest powerful technology. It also needed to make tangible both TeliaSonera’s international reach and its in-depth understanding of local needs.

Fjord was responsible for rolling out a full digital rebranding program, from strategic work on TeliaSonera’s digital identity to outlining the cross-platform design principles. Together with TeliaSonera User Experience team, Fjord identified specific design details for each of the digital platforms, creating TeliaSonera’s first-ever interactive guidelines and a new 3-D logo treatment.

Bringing a makeover to life

Rebranding TeliaSonera’s 500 digital interfaces meant a whole new definition and structure for all those working with the digital brand. In order to successfully launch the fresh design, Fjord together with the TeliaSonera User Experience team provided a support line for countries implementing the new look. Fjord created an internal brand portal that expressed the brand’s new look, while delivering the digital brand guidelines and crucial assets to all stakeholders. The space both actively demonstrated the design while providing a home for knowledge sharing.

In addition to the creation of a brand portal, Fjord participated in intensive brand engagement workshops across markets to ensure that local group companies and major stakeholders were fully engaged and on board with the redesign.

Finally, to fully bring the rebrand to life, Fjord actually launched the new design on TeliaSonera’s group website,, and their intranet. From mobile platforms to the Web, Fjord partnered with TeliaSonera to mastermind and launch a completely cohesive and seamless redesign.

We selected Fjord for their deep knowledge of digital design across platforms, and leading experience in international markets.
Karoline Mellgren Head of User Experience, TeliaSonera