Visualizing oil and gas drilling

Conoco stakeholders spent years trying to develop a way to capture and visualize the data from malfunction taking place during oil and gas drilling. They wanted a driller to be able to simply look at the monitoring screen and know instantaneously what was happening along the drill string 4,500 to 5,000 feet below the surface. Solving this problem would not only ensure people’s safety, but would create more streamlined operations.

So we made it happen.

After learning how fast the data was streaming up out of the hole, we realized it worked in a similar way to a gaming engine, which informed our strategy and the resulting product. By using a gaming engine and our expertise in 3-D modeling and animation, we created a new, revolutionary way to visualize down-hole drilling, as well as 2-D/3-D visualizations of data, giving drillers, engineers and RTOCs an incredible system and way to work that they’d never had before.

Advanced Drilling Visualization and Optimization from Fjord on Vimeo.

When does the alien come through the screen?

“When does the alien come through the screen?” the client asked us, jokingly, upon seeing the product. Because we’d used a gaming engine, the real-time data was being processed and appearing so quickly and clearly that it really did look like a video game.

By designing a solution that’s visual, dynamic and intuitive, we created a digital product that enabled less experienced drillers to work safely and efficiently, and that became the envy of other companies in the industry.