Water conservation made beautiful

Well asked us to create a non-invasive home conservation system that taps into people’s wants and needs with the aim of stimulating them to adopt healthy water usage habits in the long term. Through seamless integration of hardware and software, Well collects accurate data to educate users about the realities of water consumption in their homes in a beautiful, yet intuitive way.

The system comprises a network of self-powered sensors and smart fixtures that monitor flow rate, that feed through to an intuitive and engaging app. We chose to focus on the showerhead smart fixture because it’s one of the largest consumption offenders in the home. All information from the sensors and smart fixtures is fed via Wi-Fi to the app, which collates daily, weekly, monthly, and annual use from individual units and the collective system.

Well’s app captures people’s imaginations with a beautiful blue landscape that changes into an arid desert as the user approaches their daily recommended quota. This visual metaphor is an immediate way to make people understand where they are within their daily goal. When they take a deeper dive into the app, they can easily identify which fixture wastes the most water, and change their habits accordingly. There’s also a social element to the Well app, where it shares individual and community achievements across connected accounts, which evangelizes and motivates the Well Community by bringing to life their cumulative conservation impact.